Omnikey for Safari

Keyword search extension for Safari. Search Amazon, Wikipedia or any other site directly from the URL bar.

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Version History * Since version 0.10 Omnikey requires Safari 6+

Know how to make Omnikey better? Report issues or send pull requests on Github.

* Some of the bundled sites may come with referral attributes in the URL to support further development.


  • Works directly with Safari, no extra software required.
  • Search any site directly from the URL field, for example type amazon headphones on the URL to search Amazon directly for headphones.
  • Replace Safari's default search providers with custom ones, DuckDuckGo is a great alternative for example.
  • Bundled with common search sites: Amazon, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter and more.
  • Add any site from the Extension popup on the toolbar.
  • Force regular searches by prepending ! to the search query.
  • Import/Export data capabilities to easily share configurations between different computers.


"Omnikey is a very handy Safari extension. It is lightweight, fast, and easy to use. Setting up new search keys is easy and works flawlessly."

Lukas Hermann,


Omnikey comes bundled with some major sites, to see the complete list click in the Omnikey icon in the toolbar.

Every site has a key/url pair, if you set am as the key for the Amazon search searching for am ipod touch will search for "ipod touch" on Amazon's website.

Add sites by clicking in the Add Site button on the extension's popup window. Omnikey will populate the URL field with the current window url, replace the query part of the URL with {search} which will act as a wildcard that will be replaced when performing searches.